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Automatic pilot

Until recently, the software in the best hearing aids could not automatically adapt to changes in environments (a quiet room versus a noisy restaurant). To meet the needs of changing environments, the hearing aid had to manually change the programs on the hearing aids or use a remote control. The advanced software system effectively notifies changes in environments and automatically adjusts programming to meet your needs.

Bilateral synchronization

Automatic bilateral synchronization allows the left and right hearing aids to work together to improve speech recognition and directional hearing.

Bluetooth connectivity

Bluetooth technology connects devices to a wireless sound stream. You can connect your hearing aids to any Bluetooth-enabled device, such as a mobile phone, mp3 player, iPod, iPad, DVD player, or TV. (Connecting to the TV requires a TV station.)


Hearing aids divide the entire spectrum of sound frequency – or what we can hear – into discrete sections that can be amplified individually. The more channels the hearing aid has, the better the hearing aid can be for your individual needs.


The information in your audiogram allows our team of audiologists to program your hearing aids specifically for your profile. To ensure an optimal listening experience, all our hearing aids are custom programmed.


Background noise can produce an unpleasant experience; Noise reduction helps to alleviate this experience.


A receiver-in-channel (RiC) hearing aid is a type of device behind the ear (BtE). With a RiC, the microphones, software and battery are behind the ear; but the receiver (or speaker) is inserted directly into the ear canal. The RiCs are smaller and consume less power than the general models behind the ear, but ensure a much better sound quality, because the sound receiver is positioned in the ear canal itself.

Sound Pulse Management

Sound pulse management technology provides an easier listening experience with the function of reducing sudden and harsh sounds, such as broken glass or noisy keys. For safety reasons, these sounds are not eliminated, but only significantly reduced.

Speech location

Unique signal processing technology provides a high-definition, 360-degree listening experience, even in noisy environments.

Speech optimization

Optimizes speech clarity and listening comfort in environments with a large amount of background noise.