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Frequently Asked Questions

We sell RIC (Receiver in Canal) models. The RIC device can be used for people with mild, moderate, severe hearing loss.

Ordering hearing aids is a simple three-step process:

Start with a hearing test

Place your hearing aid order online or call us for further assistance

Receive custom programmed hearing  aids in 5-8 days For details, please contact us by phone.

Yes. Before you purchase your hearing aids, you will be asked to send us the results of your hearing test and answer questions about hearing loss. Our team of audiologists will then program the devices to suit your particular needs.

All of our hearing aids are custom programmed on your audiogram and have the ability to amplify everyday conversations, so choosing between the 2 models is a matter of superior performance in more challenging environments (such as restaurants and meetings) and additional features that can make a difference for you.

Explore our devices for details or contact us for more information on the model that may suit you.

Our hearing aids serve the vast majority of hearing loss problems, including severe loss. We can make sure our products are right for your needs if you send us the results of your hearing test.

The warranty on our devices is 2 years.

The audiogram you already have in our database, our audiologists will use it to adjust the hearing aid. If you need to make adjustments, Clarfon offers a free reprogramming during the warranty period of the device.

If you take care of your hearing aids, repairs are rare. If you are under warranty, the only cost is to deliver the devices to Clarfon. If you are out of the warranty period, ship the devices to Clarfon and we will provide an estimate of the repair work required before the work is completed.