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Adaptation to a new Hearing Aid

An adjustment period after you start using the device is not unusual. The audiogram you already have in our database, our audiologists will use it to adjust the hearing aid. If you need to make adjustments, Clarfon offers free rescheduling during the device warranty period.

Hearing Aid Maintenance

Most audiologists charge money for simple maintenance that you can do at home. If you have problems with your device, please consult our library of maintenance videos created to help you and save you money.

REPAIRS Hearing Aid

Repairs are very rare, but if you think they may be needed, we use a simple process to give you the help you need.

1: Call us or send us an email to discuss the issue you are facing.

2: If necessary, we will provide you with shipping information at one of our service facilities.

If you have problems with your device, please watch the maintenance videos below!

How do I change the battery?

How do I change domes?

How do I change the filter?

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